– About Racism –

– What does consist a »racist«, or what is the definition of »racism«?

The greatest definition, although not entirely complete, of a racist person «or racism» is: – Anyone who endeavors in not preserving «altering or destroying» one race, or more than one, or all races.

These types are found in all racial groups, I am afraid, and they are common.

A counterpart would be the eugenicist who endeavors if not preserving a race, but making it evolve through artificial selection between compatible specimens.

ᛟᚦᚨᛚᚨ – Ōþala – Heritage, state, possession.

Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms

RTF President Cynthia Chung kicks off the symposium ‘As Above so Below: Re-uniting the Macroverse with the Microverse” with a presentation on Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms. This presentation will introduce the principled conflict of two opposing schools of thought materialist/mathematical defined by Newton vs the higher dynamic/metaphysical method embodied by Gottfried Leibniz. […]

Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms