– About Atomic Weight –

– Some Hypothesis Considered:

– I remember searching for these authors in these articles: I concluded on my own perspective «evaluating their works», that each charge and particle varied infinitely within a tiny scope, having around more than 100 categories of them. I also considered other hypotheses, for instance, that electricity was NOT composed of discrete particles, such as electrons, but was or an oscillation created by aligned atoms and molecules «differing in mass from each other», creating, thus, currents of oscillatory waves; or that it was a continuous flux of an electrical fluid.

I just cannot remember what was my final decision which I would assume to be the most probable hypothesis. That was in 2012.

This is a good historical source to works of those gentlemen and geniuses which will surely help me again: https://science.jrank.org/pages/634/Atomic-Weight-History.html

Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms

RTF President Cynthia Chung kicks off the symposium ‘As Above so Below: Re-uniting the Macroverse with the Microverse” with a presentation on Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms. This presentation will introduce the principled conflict of two opposing schools of thought materialist/mathematical defined by Newton vs the higher dynamic/metaphysical method embodied by Gottfried Leibniz. […]

Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms