– Finishing my Philosophy Course and, then, Studying what I want –

My hard time and long journey:

  • I am finishing, after more than a decade, in tortuous ways, with a LOT of suffering caused by family members practically ruining completely my life «and health altogether», my philosophy course. After I graduate, and most probably with honours, I will dedicate myself to a series of studies long overdue and delayed, to study physics and develop my Natural Philosophy, to study Mathematics, Classical Languages «including many ancient and medieval European ones and modern ones», and Music. Other topics I will surely study as well, as this site is a compendium of my perspectives over any scientific, philosophical, or aesthetical «and even about news and technology» studies and thoughts.
  • That said, I’ll then study, as I was, the software Geogebra, which is an excellent software for simulating physics and representing geometrically any mathematical body and functions, and as well continue my music courses which I started studying last year.

– The General NOT isolated Case that Lockdowns Generally do NOT work –

Here is the link to a site’s called «Lockdown Sceptics» showing evidence that, exempli gratia, in countries like Sweden, which did not partake in Lockdowns in 2020, had a significantly lower death ratio in the years 2019-2020 compared in the last 4 years before 2020, specially compared with the countries which did partake in the strategy of lockdowns. I am not saying this perspective and arguments are infallible, but statistics show that there is NO compelling evidence that lockdowns, including social distancing impedes the death number rates to increase or go higher. I bought a book by Alessandro Loiola MD, which is called «Fraudemia» which could be translated as «Fraudemic» in which he exposes his sceptical arguments against all this religious frenzy which is Covid-19. I will study his book carefully.