– About Atomic Weight –

– Some Hypothesis Considered:

– I remember searching for these authors in these articles: I concluded on my own perspective «evaluating their works», that each charge and particle varied infinitely within a tiny scope, having around more than 100 categories of them. I also considered other hypotheses, for instance, that electricity was NOT composed of discrete particles, such as electrons, but was or an oscillation created by aligned atoms and molecules «differing in mass from each other», creating, thus, currents of oscillatory waves; or that it was a continuous flux of an electrical fluid.

I just cannot remember what was my final decision which I would assume to be the most probable hypothesis. That was in 2012.

This is a good historical source to works of those gentlemen and geniuses which will surely help me again: https://science.jrank.org/pages/634/Atomic-Weight-History.html

– About Racism –

– What does consist a »racist«, or what is the definition of »racism«?

The greatest definition, although not entirely complete, of a racist person «or racism» is: – Anyone who endeavors in not preserving «altering or destroying» one race, or more than one, or all races.

These types are found in all racial groups, I am afraid, and they are common.

A counterpart would be the eugenicist who endeavors if not preserving a race, but making it evolve through artificial selection between compatible specimens.

ᛟᚦᚨᛚᚨ – Ōþala – Heritage, state, possession.

– Finishing my Philosophy Course and, then, Studying what I want –

My hard time and long journey:

  • I am finishing, after more than a decade, in tortuous ways, with a LOT of suffering caused by family members practically ruining completely my life «and health altogether», my philosophy course. After I graduate, and most probably with honours, I will dedicate myself to a series of studies long overdue and delayed, to study physics and develop my Natural Philosophy, to study Mathematics, Classical Languages «including many ancient and medieval European ones and modern ones», and Music. Other topics I will surely study as well, as this site is a compendium of my perspectives over any scientific, philosophical, or aesthetical «and even about news and technology» studies and thoughts.
  • That said, I’ll then study, as I was, the software Geogebra, which is an excellent software for simulating physics and representing geometrically any mathematical body and functions, and as well continue my music courses which I started studying last year.

Goethe on what’s possible, 2


We always hope, and still in every case
’Tis better far to hope than to despair;
For who can calculate the possible?

Wir hoffen immer, und in allen Dingen
Ist besser hoffen als verzweifeln. Denn
Wer kann das Mögliche

-Tasso III, Scene 4, Antonio, line 2163
Translation by Anna Swanwick.

No. 3425

Beyond the Lines: On Shelley’s “Ode to a Skylark”

By David Gosselin “To a Skylark” is perhaps one of the greatest nests of poetic paradoxes in the history of English poetry. Its language is shaped around the creation of ironical images, starting with the enigmatic “Hail to thee, blithe Spirit/Bird thou never wert!” and proceeding to describe “unpremeditated art,” “a cloud of fire” and […]

Beyond the Lines: On Shelley’s “Ode to a Skylark”

I am sure there are great talented poets that are VERY BAD philosophers or thinkers, such is the case of ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΔΗΣ Parmenídes compared with ΕΡΑΚΛΕΙΤΟΣ Herákleitos according to the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, and I agree with Him. The fact is that Shelly is, in fact, a shallow and a political idiot, a pervert and degenerate who did everything he could to destabilise the values of the English society of his day…: »Let us give money to the poor, because they suffer… This way we will show we have a conscience (a bad one)«… »Oh, I want to describe life and its experiences with physical or abstract metaphors which give NO clue of NOTHING…«, but wait a minute, as I have had thought, metaphor does not describe anything unique, because they are vague ideas, concepts or conceptual schemes that are ‘universals’ which do NOT describe anything in particular and, THUS, are incapable of describing experiences or anything UNIQUE, that which anyone has lived by.

And then, one can only conclude, as the last straw or last drop «of poison», that a poet that does not talk about anything palpable, anything which hands can touch, or noses can smell, or eyes to see, anything ‘fucking’ REAL, has NO clue of what ΟΜΕΡΟΣ Hómeros «or any classical Ancient Hellenic poet» or any poet from the Renaissance, or Baroque poet has to say.

It is beyond me how anyone could see that «above, in the article mentioned (and Shelly)» as a profound work art… I would take all the work of Lord Byron before it gladly, and would even forgot about Shelly, as it is as if an empty shell.

– The General NOT isolated Case that Lockdowns Generally do NOT work –

Here is the link to a site’s called «Lockdown Sceptics» showing evidence that, exempli gratia, in countries like Sweden, which did not partake in Lockdowns in 2020, had a significantly lower death ratio in the years 2019-2020 compared in the last 4 years before 2020, specially compared with the countries which did partake in the strategy of lockdowns. I am not saying this perspective and arguments are infallible, but statistics show that there is NO compelling evidence that lockdowns, including social distancing impedes the death number rates to increase or go higher. I bought a book by Alessandro Loiola MD, which is called «Fraudemia» which could be translated as «Fraudemic» in which he exposes his sceptical arguments against all this religious frenzy which is Covid-19. I will study his book carefully.


Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms

RTF President Cynthia Chung kicks off the symposium ‘As Above so Below: Re-uniting the Macroverse with the Microverse” with a presentation on Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms. This presentation will introduce the principled conflict of two opposing schools of thought materialist/mathematical defined by Newton vs the higher dynamic/metaphysical method embodied by Gottfried Leibniz. […]

Leibniz vs Newton: A Clash of Paradigms

Leibniz Discourse on Metaphysics- A New Study Group Begins

In this first of a series of readings of the Discourses on Metaphysics (1686), we are introduced to the deeper philosophical and scientific ideas of the polymath genius Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716). This reading will cover the essential concepts of the nature of the Creator and creation of which we as self-conscious reasoners are integral […]

Leibniz Discourse on Metaphysics- A New Study Group Begins

Call me Siegfried or Sigurd

I am a Philosopher «and rusted musician, composer, poet, teacher and MMA fighter, among other “things”» interested in developing my own Philosophy based on Natural Philosophy, which comprises Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Psychology; and Ethics, Epistemology, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, Logic(s), Aesthetics, Theology and Metapolitics.
I also intend studying many areas, including Engineering, Computation, Web Design, Game Design, Architecture and Cinema, to name the major ones of my interest. Of course, this site is going to talk about as well about my life and is going to reflect news and events around the globe and other persons which influence my work. Right now I am studying how to use the amazing software GeoGebra to, in the near future, make graphics, animations that will make possible the rendition of videos exemplifying my Natural Philosophy.
The Aesthetic part of the site will be mostly dedicated, at the beginning, to music «mine and of others», poetry «mine and of others», “Belle Arts”, id est, drawing, painting, sculpture, theater «and so on (of other artists, as I have not ventured in this are in recent times)». Everything which is marked above a bold you can rest assured that in the following years I will have posted something relating to those topics and areas of knowledge.