– The General NOT isolated Case that Lockdowns Generally do NOT work –

Here is the link to a site’s called «Lockdown Sceptics» showing evidence that, exempli gratia, in countries like Sweden, which did not partake in Lockdowns in 2020, had a significantly lower death ratio in the years 2019-2020 compared in the last 4 years before 2020, specially compared with the countries which did partake in the strategy of lockdowns. I am not saying this perspective and arguments are infallible, but statistics show that there is NO compelling evidence that lockdowns, including social distancing impedes the death number rates to increase or go higher. I bought a book by Alessandro Loiola MD, which is called «Fraudemia» which could be translated as «Fraudemic» in which he exposes his sceptical arguments against all this religious frenzy which is Covid-19. I will study his book carefully.


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