Call me Siegfried or Sigurd

I am a Philosopher «and rusted musician, composer, poet, teacher and MMA fighter, among other “things”» interested in developing my own Philosophy based on Natural Philosophy, which comprises Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Psychology; and Ethics, Epistemology, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, Logic(s), Aesthetics, Theology and Metapolitics.
I also intend studying many areas, including Engineering, Computation, Web Design, Game Design, Architecture and Cinema, to name the major ones of my interest. Of course, this site is going to talk about as well about my life and is going to reflect news and events around the globe and other persons which influence my work. Right now I am studying how to use the amazing software GeoGebra to, in the near future, make graphics, animations that will make possible the rendition of videos exemplifying my Natural Philosophy.
The Aesthetic part of the site will be mostly dedicated, at the beginning, to music «mine and of others», poetry «mine and of others», “Belle Arts”, id est, drawing, painting, sculpture, theater «and so on (of other artists, as I have not ventured in this are in recent times)». Everything which is marked above a bold you can rest assured that in the following years I will have posted something relating to those topics and areas of knowledge.

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