Hail Wōtan – Toutatis – ΖΕΥΣ – Perun!

  • A Philosophical, Aesthetic, Theological, Metapolitical site, which by now will consist of this Home page and other six ones… This will probably change in the not too far future:
  • Natural Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Theology
  • Metapolitics
  • Apophantic Philosophy

This is a site with a Philosophical Polytheistic, Pantheistic and Animistic perspective. It will start apparently humble, but with the ambitious intent of approaching Philosophically «Scientifically» any subject there is of my interest «which are many», including those of the above list, below ‘Home’. The intent is to gain foresight, knowledge and Wisdom, and Immortal Glory, or Hamingja.

Feel free to comment, respectfully, about any errors I may make.

– Zeus Smyrna, Louvre, Ma13.

Hello there, intrepid web traveler!

Who I am is not important now to know, if thou wouldst take a moment of thy life and explore this virtual dwelling of investigations, you and I may gain Golden Wisdom. For now, please, call me Siegfried or Sigurd.

Siegfried von Xanten